THE NFL - Notary FootBall League

Buy-in and Payout:

None this year. Free to play, you will only need to set up a free ESPN account. The winner will get Bragging rights, a $50 gift Card, and an advantage at next year's draft. We will also offer $25 gift cards for second and third places.

Draft Style:

Autopick. You will set your draft order from the entire list and the computer will select the highest-ranked available player when your turn comes up. You can either accept the defaults or re-prioritize your list as you wish. Also, you can select certain players NOT to be selected.

My hope is to have the draft trigger overnight on August 31/Sept. 1. 

League Type:

Head-to-Head - Non-PPR. 

League Length:

If we have only 8 teams we will play 15 weeks with the top-4 reaching the playoffs. We will not play in Week 18. If we have 10 or 12 teams, we will play for 14 weeks, and the top six will make the playoffs and play a three-week playoff. Again, we will not play in week 18. 

Team Makeup:

19-person rosters. 9 will play game day. two slots designated inactive reserve. Game day roster will be made up as follows: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, RB/WR, TE, K, DEF/ST

Waivers and Trades:

Will take place Sat-thru-Monday and be determined by waiver order. The computer, and not the commissioner, is king. Trades can take place through Thanksgiving day. (Three members can reject a trade, less than three, the trade goes through.)


We will utilize ESPN standard default scoring this first year. We may desire to adjust it in future seasons.