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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much do you charge for your services?

My charges are based on a combination of Notary and Travel Fees. The States of Oregon and Washington have mandated that Notary Fees will not exceed $10 per signature. Travel Fees are based on the State per-mile adjustment (0.585 per mile) and distance from the Beaverton area.  

Q: Do you travel to facilities such as Hospitals, Jails, and Rehab Centers?

Yes. The rates are slightly more than standard travel rates. Please call to determine the details and exact charges for these types of signings. The rules are touchy since COVID. 

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept the following forms of payment, and will a paper receipt upon conclusion.

Q: Can you do I-9 validations?

Yes. I can do those. I do them for many of the major employers in the area.

Q: Do you do Remote Notarizations over the Computer?

Yes. I use both the SignIX and Cyberize IT! platforms. They have been approved in Oregon since 2020. During the pandemic, it was important to learn how to do them well and within the strict State Guidelines.

Q: Can you Notarize documents without a Valid ID? Which IDs are acceptable?

Typically, No. A valid US Issued Driver's License or Passport is allowed. For most documents in Oregon, we can accept an expired ID as long as it is no more than three years expired. (Washington has no such provision. All IDs have to be valid and current.)  Which other ID's are accepted? [As a general rule, an acceptable ID contains the following: Signer's Full Name, Photo, Signature,  Expiration Date, and a Serial Number of some sort. ]

NOTE: If you do not have a valid ID, please contact me. There are other ways to verify the identity of a signer within the guidelines set by the States of Oregon and Washington if no valid ID can be found.

Q: Where can I obtain documents such as unprepared Last Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Advance Directives?

As a neutral party and officer of the court, I cannot provide these documents. However, there are a handful of sites that my clients have had good luck with. Eforms, LegalZoom, or the Secretary of State's website are a handful that come highly recommended.

Q: Can I get my signature notarized for a document that is written in a language other than English?

Yes! My job is to verify signatures and identities, and sometimes administer an oath while doing so. Notarizations, by definition, require a notarial certificate. If a certificate is not present or is not in English or otherwise compliant, I can provide one that is.

Q: My documents are going abroad and require an Apostille. Can you help with that? 

Yes. An Apostille (Pronounced App-Post-EE) is a second endorsement, usually completed in Salem or Olympia, that certifies both the notarization AND the Notary. They are typically required for documents that will ultimately be delivered to a non-USA government agency. They are only done by the Secretary of State's office. I can facilitate these using a courier service or UPS. Sometimes I will drive to Salem to complete them. (I do not drive to Olympia. It is simply too far.) Please call for prices and details. Also, if you wish to do this yourself, I am happy to discuss the process. It is not difficult but can be time-consuming.

Q: How far are you able to Travel?

Typically, I cover the Greater Portland Area and Clark County. I live in the Bethany-Tanasbourne area of Beaverton and like to stay on the west side if I can. I charge a Travel and Convenience fee based on travel distance and time. Anything is possible, but I like to keep travel down to a maximum of an hour each way.

Q: Can I book you online?

Absolutely! My calendar is available via Calendly and a link is provided on the home page of this website.

Q: Are you a member of the National Notary Association?

Yes, proudly. I am also insured and bonded through their carrier, Merchants Bonding. 

Q: Do you officiate Weddings?

While I have the proper certifications to do this, I do not do them as of yet. That might come soon.